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A 10-Month, 1 Platform at a Time, Comprehensive Social Media Coursel


Finally, an easy to do, affordable, hands-on course on using Social Media for marketing your business and your brand.   AND… You get Complimentary Monthly Updates for ALL Segments, for as long as you are a registered member of the course.Each Module is Comprised of the Following: 10-15 Amazing Videos of Course Study + Courseware + Podcasts + 1 Group Mentoring Session & Follow up Q&A Monthly***MASSIVE BONUSES***

Two 30-minute PERSONAL coaching session with Mary Agnes (worth $799)
2-Part Downloadable Course on Newsletters (worth $399)
2-Part Downloadable Course on Website Copy (worth $399)This is a LIMITED time offer … Get the Entire 10-month Course for $997.  
(The real value?  Priceless if you’re serious!  And with the bonuses?  Over $1500)  Need more info?  TRUST me, you need ALL of these platforms…. 

Learn YOUR best social spaces and where are your best clients…
November: YouTube: How to build your brand (and your business) in TWO minutes, How to title your video so you can be FOUND in a search for your expertise, How to create intros and outros, Metatagging, Transcribing Videos to get found on Google, and more…Blogging:  How do you blog, video blog, and advance your entire social media effort in only four hours a week?  
December: Comprehensive Linkedin: Profiles, Advanced Search to Find Your Best Client, Using Groups to Reach 100,000 People, Q&A to Boost Your Brand, and more…
January: Facebook: Profiles, Groups, Pages and Advertising.  Need we say more?
February: BlogTalkRadio / Podcasting:  Learn to produce FREE podcasts, build a huge audience, create an online library, Interview leaders in your industry and enjoy building a huge brand online and on iTunes.
March: Twitter: Profiles, Presetting Tweets, Feeding Tweets to other spaces, WHAT to Tweet, WHO to Follow, How to get the RIGHT followers, How to use Hashtags ###, and more… 

April:  Meetup:  The Hidden Gem of Social Media.  Using LIVE events to ramp up and build your brand and business.  How to use OTHER Meetups to build relationships and get clients.

May:  Blogging:  The real how-to of updating a blog EASILY every single week.  Without struggling over content for hours and hours. AND how to build your audience and get blog followers.
June:  Pinterest:  Learn what you wish you knew about the fastest growing network on the web.


  • Social Media Strategy and Marketing
  • Social Media Trainer
  • Eight Week Social Media Course
  • Website Copy
  • Sought after copywriter / ghost writer / by-proxy social media agent
  • Email Marketing Campaigns
  • Youtube Coach
  • Traffic Builder
  • Expert Podcast Producer


Make the same choice that Panera Bread, Midas, Jack Canfield and dozens of others have made and ask me for half an hour of consultation to get started. No matter what your business, having a vibrant presence on social networks is a must in today’s world. It’s HIGHLY effective for a LOW investment.  Just call (877) 293-6413 and leave a message, and I’ll respond within 24 hours to set up a time to chat. ….

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Finally, an easy to do, affordable, hands-on course on using Social Media for marketing your business and your brand. There are 8 modules, covering Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Pinterest, Blogging, Meetup Groups, Podcasting (BlogTalkRadio)

Each Module Comprises Course Study, plus Course Materials:
LIVE class + Courseware
Group Mentoring & Follow up Q&A
***MASSIVE BONUSES*** (See below.)

2-Part Downloadable Course on Newsletters (worth $399)
2-Part Downloadable Course on Website Copy (worth $399)
One 30-minute coaching session (worth $149)….
AND… 1-Month Entry into my Live Social Media Mastermind Coaching Group (Worth $197) 

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Social Media Strategists and Experts themselves come to Mary Agnes for her expert training, along with tons of authors and writers.  Why? Because she entered social media five years ago as a vehicle to build her brand and her audience – and then for the clients she’s worked with (like Jack Canfield, Libby Gill, Christine Comaford and dozens of other Amazon and NY Times best sellers).  Are you Ready to Learn how to REALLY use Social Media to motivate your audience and sell more books and coaching?