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Cristian Liur

Formato: Paperback

Idioma: Spanish

Páginas: 344

Editor: Libros en Red (March 26, 2009)

ISBN: 1597544876

Formato: PDF / Kindle / ePub

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The Circles of fact invitations brave souls to discover themselves. This novel is the entrance of whatever a lot larger; it is the prelude of what could be the success of all of the longings of actual fact seekers, of all those who don't think simply because, all these warding off imposed dogmas and deeply-rooted conventions and the other psychological manipulation; yet they do believe a burning flame within which provokes them to restlessly look for the information approximately mysteries of lifestyles. Catherine, an informed and extraordinary girl, of deep non secular convictions, with an inside strength that reasons envy and admiration which has led patiently her youngsters by means of paths of righteousness and fact; she has shared with them and with other folks new issues of view or amazing wisdom on Jesus, the main written determine alongside the historical past, or on God, the writer of the universe; she is familiar with that the time has come to house different concerns, and it'll be her personal choice and the secret that surrounds it, which stimulates Roberto, her youngest son journalist, an unstoppable seek that may run parallel to his fascinating, mystery and dicy journalistic research at the Templar, Rosicrucian order and Masons, and that might lead him to discover, to grasp and to unfold unsuspected truths, some distance past his preliminary target. The Circles of fact isn't an ordinary novel, the place its writer attempts to in basic terms divulge his myth with attractiveness, his construction of renowned figures interlaced by means of its tales and situations, yet the place, in addition to it, he quite manages to regard completely and to offer new ideas to the inner most questions about which males regularly interrogate themselves. And Cristian Liur obtains it by way of embarking the reader in an experience of accelerating expectation that joins reader and ebook in an indissoluble bow that can't holiday whereas there are pages left for studying. however the better of all, an important factor, isn't that the protagonist reaches his seek with unsuspected reveals or even being a sufferer of a deep unhappiness, nor that the writer solves satisfactorily the raised plot, however it is the personal reader who can begin from the top of this novel its most fun event, best it to find individually the reality on each one of those questions that guy and lady can't keep away from. the reality won't cease being transitory ultimately simply because repeatedly, with none restrict of time or area, conditions or contents, could be prolonged.

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