Sexy Savvy Social Media

A 10-Month, 1 Platform at a Time, Comprehensive Social Media Coursel


Finally, an easy to do, affordable, hands-on course on using Social Media for marketing your business and your brand.   AND… You get Complimentary Monthly Updates for ALL Segments, for as long as you are a registered member of the course.Each Module is Comprised of the Following: 10-15 Amazing Videos of Course Study + Courseware + Podcasts + 1 Group Mentoring Session & Follow up Q&A Monthly***MASSIVE BONUSES***

Two 30-minute PERSONAL coaching session with Mary Agnes (worth $799)
2-Part Downloadable Course on Newsletters (worth $399)
2-Part Downloadable Course on Website Copy (worth $399)This is a LIMITED time offer … Get the Entire 10-month Course for $997.  
(The real value?  Priceless if you’re serious!  And with the bonuses?  Over $1500)  Need more info?  TRUST me, you need ALL of these platforms…. 

Learn YOUR best social spaces and where are your best clients…
November: YouTube: How to build your brand (and your business) in TWO minutes, How to title your video so you can be FOUND in a search for your expertise, How to create intros and outros, Metatagging, Transcribing Videos to get found on Google, and more…Blogging:  How do you blog, video blog, and advance your entire social media effort in only four hours a week?  
December: Comprehensive Linkedin: Profiles, Advanced Search to Find Your Best Client, Using Groups to Reach 100,000 People, Q&A to Boost Your Brand, and more…
January: Facebook: Profiles, Groups, Pages and Advertising.  Need we say more?
February: BlogTalkRadio / Podcasting:  Learn to produce FREE podcasts, build a huge audience, create an online library, Interview leaders in your industry and enjoy building a huge brand online and on iTunes.
March: Twitter: Profiles, Presetting Tweets, Feeding Tweets to other spaces, WHAT to Tweet, WHO to Follow, How to get the RIGHT followers, How to use Hashtags ###, and more… 

April:  Meetup:  The Hidden Gem of Social Media.  Using LIVE events to ramp up and build your brand and business.  How to use OTHER Meetups to build relationships and get clients.

May:  Blogging:  The real how-to of updating a blog EASILY every single week.  Without struggling over content for hours and hours. AND how to build your audience and get blog followers.
June:  Pinterest:  Learn what you wish you knew about the fastest growing network on the web.