Hi Mary, I met you at the summit last weekend. You really should try to clone yourself quite a few times. You are not only delightful – but will probably have to wait in line for only one of you.

Cynthia La G.

Informative, fast moving, easily applied for even the newest social networker,cant wait to take the next class.

Barbara Ann Smith

Just listened to Mary on a teleseminar, I gotta say.. I love her calling women GODDESSES.. it’s funny because I was just reading Mama Gena’s book who talks about women as Goddesses as well.. and it’s so fitting.. ’cause we are!!! :)))))))))

Egle Balta D.

You still rock, Mary Agnes. Look how far I’ve come? You are the best teacher, ever. Thank you for your kindness and generosity, always.

Janice V

Hi Mary Agnes, You are on the move! Kudos to you, I know you have worked hard to get to this place in life, and I want to congratulate you that you are being received so well for all your hard work and the fact that you have to be one of those wonderful sweethearts out there, it makes it even more priceless. Again congratulations on all your hard work being recognized as a very valuable part of this huge community i.e. the web/internet and everywhere else! Sincerely,

Peaches (Linda R.)

Mary Agnes is fantastic! Her four week class on personal social network marketing helped me put all of the pieces together in a way that is clear, easy to understand and implement…and fun. I also hired her to rewrite my professional profile and am extremely pleased with the results. She brings a depth of talent and understanding to the job that makes her a joy to work with.

Riskind Susan "Rose"

Mary Agnes writes with passion and will bring your readers to enroll in the project of your heart. She has excellent editing skills and is very willing and cooperative to work with. I have known and worked with Mary Agnes for nearly 15 years and it is always an uplifting experience.

Debbye Cannon

Mary Agnes Vetel Antonopoulos is soooo gifted the coming up with the right words. I call her MAVA! I needed fresh eyes to say what it is I do in just a few words. I wrote out the basic idea but she nailed it – and quickly. I am so impressed. At the same time she has a wonderful sense of humor. You deserve to know about this talented lady. Need some writing done? Check her out as she can probably fine tune YOUR ideas. She did for me. I’m delighted.

Mary Lascelles

I have only known Mary Agnes Vetell Antonopoulos for a few months and within that time she has helped us produce some phenomenal tangible results. Being the expert social networking strategist she is, she single handily helped build our LinkedIn Contact list from under two-hundred contacts well into the thousands and in only a matter of days!! Now it’s important to point out that this was just ONE of her resources, in addition to this she provided a ton of systems and steps to implement right away that will help build both our brand and our bottom line! Thank-you!

Daniel Barton

Mary Agnes provided me with an invaluable understanding of the power of Social Networking — what it does and does not do and how to maximize it’s value.

She has also been a huge support resource for me as I re-invented me and my website — my sincere thanks

Richard Goeglein

Mary Agnes was introduced to me by a well trusted client. From the first moment we met till today it has been my extreme pleasure to know Mary Agnes and follow her. I believe I am social media and marketing savvy, and can say without reserve that there is little I can teach Mary Agnes. In fact I look to her as she has not only an incredible knowledge of how things work, but she takes the time to find all the secrets and tricks almost no one else even thinks about. She awes me with her knowledge and insight. I have a lot to learn from her and welcome every minute I can get.

JW Najarian
InService Marketing

I’m familiar with many of Mary Agnes’ clients. Mary Agnes is a true professional who has the knowledge and creativity to change your bottom line. She knows what she’s doing. You have 3 seconds before your readers decide if they are going to keep on reading your copy, throw it away or delete it. You better get them within 3 seconds or you’re TOAST! Mary Agnes will show you how!

Kevin Kaaha
Sophia Seminars

Mary Agnes Antonopoulos took my brand to a whole new level with her strategic social media planning and implementation. Endlessly creative, passionately dedicated to her clients, a kick-ass writer and a pleasure to work with, ‘MA’ is a force of nature!

Libby Gill
CEO of Libby Gill & Company
and Author of Bestseller You Unstuck

Mary Agnes is a knowledge powerhouse. She is one of the sharpest people that I’ve come across. She fully understands all aspects of Social Media Marketing and strategy. Her insight is truly invaluable. I would highly recommend her services to anyone who wants to grow their business and their client base.

Christine Comaford

I have hired Mary Agnes and she is a dedicated, gifted writer.  I have no hesitation recommending her. She gives 110%  and I love her honesty. Best to you.

Linda Richichi

I was introduced to Mary Agnes a couple of years ago and she headed my Social Media Marketing department remotely (for Universal Dental Plan as well as our sister company, Universal Benefit Plans) which resulted in getting noticed by AARP and finally a featured article by them which resulted in 20% growth for my company ever since. Working with Mary has been a pleasure.  She works non-stop, her work ethic is impeccable and she is an expert in her field.  She has since trained my staff how to do what she does and we still do consult with her time to time.

Edan Barshan
Universal Dental Plan

I have had the pleasure of working with Mary Agnes in a few different capacities, as we served the same clients. I find Mary Agnes to consistently over-deliver on her promises and to really take on making your business successful as if it were her business. I encourage you to work with Mary Agnes to clarify the specific measurable objectives that you will work toward together, and I can offer the absolute confidence that she will meet or exceed those measures consistently. In addition to the results, Mary Agnes’ positive, can-do attitude is infectious and will take any business owner to the next level of what’s possible just by being in that energy. Have a wonderful time working with Mary Agnes and congratulations on the future growth and expansion that is sure to occur! Warmest Regards,

Dori Etter
Business Strategy and Product Develoment Specialist

Mary Agnes was pivotal in helping us leverage what we were doing with our Facebook Fan Page. Not only did she give us valuable advice and guidance (at a time when we were in complete confusion as what to do with our Fan Page presence) she took on the role of managing our page, writing posts, engaging with fans and monitoring our groups.. The time she spent educating us proved to be invaluable, as since then, we were able to bring this in house once our team was comfortable and confident with what we were doing. Our fan page quickly grew from 20k fans to now having 156k fans.  To this date, Mary Agnes is my go-to expert when I need quick advise. I hope you enjoy working with her as much as I have.  She’s a jewel! Lisa Williams, Marketing Director, The Canfield Training Group

Jack Canfield

Mary Agnes consistently goes outside the call of Goddessly duty to support and amplify my vision. She is not only an expert at getting you up and going with social media, she provides an outstanding example of how to write and communicate authentically so your audience really listens , responds and takes action.

Leela Francis

I celebrate Mary Agnes for being who she is. She is smart, funny, kind, generous and I adore her. I use her as a resource on my website, OnePinky.com because there are few people on the planet who can write with the grace that she does. Here writing and skills are brilliant. BRILLIANT!!! Actually, all her skills are brilliant. Thank you Mar! Love, Laura

Laura Fenamore


Mary Agnes,

Working with you on several of our “co-clients” has been an amazing experience. The social media insight you bring to the table has helped me understand and grow my own knowledge and use of Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Thanks for always showing up, always over-delivering and always being willing to share your experience …with the rest of us!

Paul Keetch
Business Coach, Author, Copy Writer

As our Social Media Strategist, Mary Agnes helped my team develop and executive a powerful plan that speaks volumes. Universal Dental Plan just got written up in AARP (1/12/2011). Thank you Mary Agnes.

Edan Barshan
Universal Dental Plan

I had the very real privileged of working with Mary Agnes as a Social Media Student. I found Mary Agnes to be powerfully knowledgeable, amazingly encouraging & totally supportive. These qualities are present in her every interaction and so her Social Media Strategy Customers also benefit. I have seen her in action in her work and witnessed the insight & creativity she brings to the table. I highly recommend Mary Agnes as your Social Media Strategist.

Fiona Mary Ivancsik

Thank you, Mary Agnes for being a pleasure to work with! You’re generous, creative and have just the right words! You saved me time and money and made navigating the Social Media sites easy. I look forward to working with you again and highly recommend you to anyone looking for the BEST Social Media, KA, freelance writer around!

Lauren Pearl
Pearl Personal Concierge